Post surgical care in Delhi NCR

On the path of recovery, Post surgical care is one of the essential components. A patient requires attention to make a quick recovery. We at URMI CARE know this, and this is why we have the best nurses available in Delhi and Noida for post surgical care.
Our procedure varies from patient to patient, creating a specific chart plan, and then begin the process. We offer medical guidance in these areas.

1.Ortho Rehab (Spine surgery, total hip replacement, total knee replacement)
2.Elderly Care
3.Care for mother and baby postnatal
4.Hearth rehab ( Post Cardiac surgery and Congestive heart failure)
5.Neuro rehab ( Spinal surgery, Parkinson, and stroke)
6.Lung rehab( Asthama, Chronic disease)

As you can see, URMI CARE offers a wide array of services for post surgical care. Apart from these, if your patient has a specific need, we can provide it. We also offer the patients with several activities mentioned below.

1. Helping in bathing, feeding and toileting
2. Bowel and bladder movement.
3. Catheter Care
4. Vaccination Care
5. Oxygen management
6. Wound Care
7. Injection and IV fusion care

Currently, URMI CARE offers Post surgical in Noida with 3 different timings

1. Day Nurse attendant for 12 Hours
2. Night Attendant for 12 Hours
3. 24 Hour Attendant

Why You should hire attendant from URMI CARE

1. Our attendants are highly trained and experience in ICU’s around the best hospitals in India.
2. The attendants are in touch doctors always for consultation and advice.
3. The nurses are chosen after doing an extensive background check. After selecting, they are trained by experts to avoid any sudden situation.

After surgery, the patient needs constant monitoring for a fast healing process. Keeping them at home is a perfect option; however, there also, they need care from a professional medical personal. This is why You should hire an attendant from URMI CARE.
First, we will examine the patient, seeking consultation from our experts on how to proceed. This way, we know how to make sure the patient feels comfortable, how to help in recovery after surgery. A holistic approach is constructed for the treatment. URMI CARE offers post surgical care services both in Delhi & Noida.
The reason why you should be encouraged to have Post surgical care at home is very simple. When the patient has a warm and hospitable environment at home, they recover much faster than being in a hospital. A friendly space keeps their mind occupied with positive thoughts, thus helping in recovery.

Your Health is Our Priority to Retain

Urmi care provides the best treatment and care of patients, because they know Health is only Wealth.