New born Care Services in Delhi NCR

When a baby is born, it is the happiest moment in a new parents life. However, along with a lot of happiness, it also brings a lot of challenges. One of those challenges is taking care of a new born baby. The parents are generally unaware of how to face these challenges in the initials days. This is where URMI Care new born care services in Delhi can help you with the new born baby. Our specially trained Japa Maids are trained for these situations. The new lifestyle poses a lot of responsibility and challenges along with the job. The nanny will be highly trained and experienced for it.

What are the essential tasks, a nanny will do

As a parent, the first thing you want to know what the nanny can do. What tasks will get fulfilled?

1. Ensuring the baby is feeling comfortable all the time
2. Bathing the baby carefully in a warm water
3. Helping with baby Clothes
4. Keeping the baby in proper postures, handling gently
5. Keeping tracking the baby food and feeding on time
6. Playing with the child, singing a song or reading stories
7. Maintaining cleanliness
8. Overall give love, nurture and caring of the baby

What are the timings

The timings are decided by the parent's requirements. However, we offer day time care for 12 Hours, Nighttime care for 12 Hours and 24 Hours care.

What you should do before hiring

Before you hire a nanny/ Japa Maid, it is essential you do few of the things mentioning below.

1. Before you hire, Introduce the nanny to the baby. Watch the reaction, is it feeling comfortable or uncomfortable.
2. The nanny should spend time before finally getting into the home. You should share the meal plan, care plan, any specific instructions about the house or anything else.
3. If you are feeling doubtful about the situation, then leave the baby alone for a few minutes. It will give you a perspective to confirm your decision.
4. Prepare a list of emergency contacts and give them to the nanny. In any situation, the nanny should be able to call you instantly.
Before you leave, try to assign tasks for the nanny.

Taking care of a newborn baby is no easy feat. For the first few months, the baby needs 24 hours caring. For a parent with a job, it becomes difficult to do, this having a nanny who knows how to take care of a baby is always a wise decision.

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