Baby Sitting/Nanny

Urmi care provides the best and highly qualified baby sitter for caring of new born baby. To help the new mom take care of the baby, our caring babysitter/nanny are specifically trained to provide care for the new born baby and help with breast-feeding, massage and postpartum practice.

Patient Care

Urmi Healthcare provides the best patient care at your home. Our aim to provides the best treatment to patients for fast recovery from the sickness.Our services are focused on the Patient Care, Baby Sitter, and new born care.

new born care

Urmi care provides new born care services for fulltime and part time. Our maid are best and highly experienced to provides the best treatments and care facility.

Nursing Services in Noida

We provides the best treatment services by latest technology and machine. We provide the patients top class services.Our nurses and staff taking proper care of the patients.


URMI CARE provides the Best Health Care Services

Urmi Health care provides the best treatment facility and care of patients to get fast health improvement & recovery. It might be for older people who chronically getting ill as well as physically disabled. Urmi health care services are best, comfortable, and convenience for patients and their families. Healthcare is the maintenance or improvement of health via prevention, treatments of diseases, illness, injury, care and other physical & mental impairements in people.

Home Health Care

URMI CARE has extensive experience in home health care services. The services could be both non-medical and medical in nature. It depends upon the patient's requirement. URMI CARE offers Home health care services in Noida.

Nursing Attendant service

When you have a patient at home to take care, a nursing attendant can be very useful. In this busy world, it becomes tough to watch them all the time.

Elderly care in Delhi/NCR

In this high paced world, It becomes difficult to look after our elders. They are like a child who needs constant care, empathy, and emotional support.

24 Hours Service

We provide the best treatment services by latest technology and machine.

Your Health is Our Priority to Retain

Urmi care provides the best treatment and care of patients, because they know Health is only Wealth.

Our Services

Patient Care

Urmi care provides the best treatment and care facilities to our patient at their home. Our highly qualified team and nurses provides the well services so that patient get proper recovery from the sickness. Our satff cares about the patients as family members.Our team and therapists are provides the best medical care to the patients.

New Born Care

Here we provides the best and highly experience new born care for women health issue post-pregnancy,when you are pregnant at first time, being a mother that time you many lot of stress and tiredness.We provides highly experienced maid services to provides the effective treatments and care.

Baby Sitting/Nanny

We provides the best baby sitter who takes the proper care of physical, psychological and mentally needs of a ne born baby. Our sitter have better knowledge and highly experienced how to take proper care of the new born baby. Urmi care provide the babysitter/nanny for full time at very best and affordable price.

Team Staff

Our mission to improve the quality of life of the sick, ill, old and infirm patients. We provides the well experienced and reliable amle and female nursing staff. Our male and female staff taking the best care of the patients with time to time training and quality health care services and nursing acts. We provides reliable trustworthy staff treatment.


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