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nursing services in Noida

URMI CARE has trained, experienced, and certified nurses. Whether you need a male nurse in Delhi or a female nurse, we will fulfil the need.
Before you hire, for us, It is of utmost essential to know the patient’s requirements and act according to it. The URMI CARE nurses know how to provide personal hygiene, to assist with mobility, whether on the bed or elsewhere.

They are trained in checking the blood pressure, dressing and caring for the wounds, emptying catheter bags, handling medical equipment, and other intrusions as per the doctor. They know everything about patient care at home.

With URMI CARE, nursing at home becomes comfortable and caring. URMI CARE has nurses to hire in Noida. You must be wondering how a nurse helps the patients. Well, if the patient is discharged recently from the hospital, then the patient needs a proper day to daycare.

The medical skills are essential since they will play a vital role in taking care of the patient. A skilled nurse should know how to handle medical equipment such as suction machines, ventilators, multipara monitors, DVT pumps, and other devices. The nurses are trained in the best hospitals in India. They have also proved themselves in taking care of the patient at home too. Keeping up to date with the latest technology in the medical world. Remaining in constant touch with doctors in case they face an unprecedented situation.

Our nurses have the necessary skills and training to look after the patient for their general needs as well as medical needs.

These are the services our nurses have expertise in.

1. Proper feeding of the patient.
2. Bath and mobility
3. Dressing and Wound Care
4. Bed and ventilator care
5. Bowel, Catheter, and Bladder Care

These are the traits of our nurses. They are kind and empathic toward their patient to make sure the patient does not feel uncomfortable. Currently, You can hire nurses in Delhi. When you need a nurse, it is extremely essential to look at their skill set, Which we have described above.

The Timings

URMI CARE currently offers four types of timing.

1. Nurses for a 12-hour day shift.
2. Nurses for a 12 hour night shift.
3. Nurses for 24 Hour Shift
4. Visiting nurses for hire, only when the assistance required

At URMI Care, we understand how it is essential for you to take care of the patient. We share the same Zeal, empathy and responsibility.

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Urmi care provides the best treatment and care of patients, because they know Health is only Wealth.

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