Physiotherapy at home in Delhi NCR

Physiotherapist in Noida

When You are going through physical rehabilitation, It is vital to have physiotherapy to guide you at every step. URMI CARE knows this, thus have the best physiotherapists in Delhi to help you. Our team is highly qualified, trained and have years of experience. Once you have decided to hire one, our team will assess the situation then make a report on what needs to be dome. The therapist will visit your home regularly to make sure; you get well soon. URMI CARE offers the best physiotherapist in Noida.

Why you need a physiotherapist?

Physictheirory can help everyone who is facing a health condition like:

1.Knee Pain
2.Low Back Pain
3.Neuro Rehab
4.Joint Replacement
5.Joint Pain
6.Soft Tissue Injuries
7.Neck & Shoulder Pain
7.Sports Injury Recovery

Apart from these, A doctor might recommend physiotherapy in other health conditions such as muscle weakness, muscle imbalance, hypotonia, Tennis elbow, Sprain in Ankle, Swollen Joints, degenerative joints or hip replacement.

Why you should opt for URMI CARE physiotherapist

There are several reasons for hiring a URMI CARE physiotherapist.

1. Our team assess the situation, making a specific plan for treatment
2. The clinical team keep an eye on the developments
3. The treatment plans are customized as per the need of the patient

Our approach is first, diagnosis, then making a physical assessment and then finally a holistic approach for treatment.

Why You need Physiotheripirst at Home?

Our patients are always curious about why they should opt for a physiotherapist at home. There are many reasons for it like:

1. It is comfortable for the patient. They won’t have to wait for therapy to begin like in a hospital.
2. The progress is monitored closely, thus if need changes, it happens instantly.
3. There is no need for a commute

As you can see why it is beneficial to hire a physiotherapist at home. URMI CARE offers physiotherapist in Noida as well.

If you need a specific psychotherapist, then we have it too.

1. Sports Physiotherapist
2. Physiotherapist for Women’s health
3. Physiotherapist for Neurological

What are the physiotherapy charges?

The charges depend upon the multiple factors. Such factors are the treatment plan, the number of sessions it will need, which physiotherapist will be assigned and other factors. However, rest assured you will get the best treatment at home. As we have mentioned above, First, our team will assess your situation and then based on the report, everything will be mapped out. You will only have to give your 100%.

Your Health is Our Priority to Retain

Urmi care provides the best treatment and care of patients, because they know Health is only Wealth.