Baby Sitting / Nanny Services

Baby Sitting In Delhi NCR

Baby Sitting / Nanny Services

For a family in a city like Delhi or Noida, taking care of a baby becomes challenging. High-pressure jobs, odd timings make it difficult to do it. A baby needs love, nurture and support when the parents are not present to do it. This is why URMI CARE babysitting services can help you. Our Professional babysitter/nanny has years of experience. Not only do they take care of babies, but they also guide the parents on how to take care of baby health and safety. URMI CARE offers the best babysitters in Delhi. We have various programs to offer for you and your baby. Before you hire, we make sure you have got the right nanny for your child. This is why, before we assign a nanny, we evaluate every nanny, their skills & experience.

There are 5 timings; we offer at URMI CARE.

Day Care Baby Sitter

This is the most popular kind of baby sitter service we have. Most of the parents are busy in their day job, thus need a daycare babysitter. The nanny takes care of the baby during the day time. The nannies will make sure the baby feels safe, remain happy and get all the caring, it needs. URMI CARE Offer daycare babysitter in Noida.

Overnight Babysitter

If you need a babysitter for overnight, then do not worry, URMI CARE will take care of it. What are the baby's needs, if there are any medical needs, the nanny will take note of everything to make sure the baby does not feel uncomfortable.

24 Hours Baby Sitter

If you want a nanny for 24 Hours, then we have it too. The nanny will be with the baby for 24 hours, about 5 or 6 days every week. It happens when both parents have a job which requires intense travelling.

Part-time Baby Sitter

If you want a nanny for like 2 or 3 weeks, then we offer it too. Depending upon your needs, the nanny will take care of the baby.

Baby sitter for Hours

It happens many time when you need a nanny for a few hours only. It could be 4 or 6 hours depending upon your need. Maybe you need it during your doctor's appointment, an emergency meeting in the office or any other situation.

As you can see, URMI Care offers babysitting services in Delhi & Nanny services in Noida. We are sure you will be satisfied with our babysitting services.

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