Disability Care in Delhi NCR

Disability Care in Delhi NCR

Disability Care

Special people require special attention. It is true when you have a Disable person at home. In the fast-paced world, it becomes challenging to take care of them since they need special attention. You have to be with them at every step. This is why URMI CARE offers disability care in Delhi. Out nursers are trained especially for taking care of a disabled person. We know how it is challenging to taking care of responsibility. It is very demanding but very fruitful and rewarding. We at the URMI CARE know these challenges and how to overcome them. Once you have hired our services, you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

There are 2 ways we take care of them.

Physical Support - This is the essential part of Disability care. Our nurses make sure, the person has eased in mobility and does not face any unforeseen situation. The Nurse is with the person at every step.
Mental Support - Equally essential as physical support, our qualified nurses are prepared to offer mental support. We know, it is essential to have someone nearby. Sometimes all it takes to talk to someone to get the person free of worry or any other emotional situation. The attendant understands it, thus is prepared to provide mental support

If you have a specific requirement other then these 2, then also, you can contact URMI CARE in Delhi. Currently, there are 3 timings offered by URMI CARE disability services.

1. 12 hour's Day Shift
2. 12 Hour's Night Shift
3. 24 Hour's Shift

What are services offered by the Nurses

We Understand it is crucial for you to know what services the nurses will offers. Here is a list.

1. Taking personal care, such as bathing, eating, dressing, etc.
2. Specific meal planning if recommended by the doctor.
3. Mobility assistance in the home as well as outside
4. Taking them to a meeting, appointments, and events
5. Go shopping if necessary.
6.Medication and Medical assistance

We know, the challenges of taking care of a person when the person required special needs. One can be easily overwhelmed by the situation; especially you are living away from your home. Rest assured, URMI Care Disability services in Noida & Delhi know how to overcome these challenges. The attendants are qualified, trained, and experienced in this particular situation. They know the psychological area, the right act, and the support, they need to offer.

Your Health is Our Priority to Retain

Urmi care provides the best treatment and care of patients, because they know Health is only Wealth.