Nursing Attendant Services in Delhi NCR

Nursing Attendant service in Delhi NCR

When you have a patient at home to take care, a nursing attendant can be very useful. In this busy world, it becomes tough to watch them all the time. When you face this situation, having a nursing attendant at home is the best option for you. URMI CARE offers Nursing attendant in Delhi.
At URMI CARE, we have a highly trained nursing attendant, who knows everything about taking care of patients at home. They follow the guidelines prescribed by the doctor. They are certified, trained in many reputed hospitals around India.

Our Nursing attendants are trained in following things to provide basic care in patients a day to day life.
1. Help in daily activities such as walking, toileting and dressing.
2. Wound dressing
3. Drug Administration
4. General Nursing
5. Help in bathing, feeding and mobility
6. Skin Care
7. Measuring vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, pulse, etc
8. Observe the patient recovery and condition, report to the doctor
9. Bedsore Care

Why Should You Choose a URMI CARE nursing attendant?

1. URMI CARE nursing attendant are certified and highly trained
2. They have compassion, zeal and passion for taking care of the patient.
3. They go under rigorous training before assigning to the patient.
4. We analyse the client needs, assess the situation and then recommend the necessary solution.
5. We have a commitment to offering hospital-like services at home.

What are the timing for Nursing Attendants

There are 3 kinds of timings offered by the URMI CARE nursing attendant.

1. Day shift for 12 hours
2. Night shift for 12 hours
3. 24 Hours shift

Depending on the patient's medical condition and client understanding, the timings are decided.

What Makes URMI CARE different?

We at URMI CARE believe in taking care of patients is our utmost priority. Our commitment has turned us into one of the best clinics for getting a nursing attendant at home in Noida. Our nursing attendants are compassionate towards their patients and know how to make the patient comfortable in day to day life. The commitment is to offer the highest standards of care, safety, to our patients. Once we are committed, we assure our clients with the quality of the services.

Why you should go for the Nursing attendant at home

1. Having a nursing attendant at home take off the additional pressure.
2. It is good for the patient to have a professional caretaker.
3. It helps the patients in making a quick recovery
4. It gives the patients a companion rather than being alone.

Your Health is Our Priority to Retain

Urmi care provides the best treatment and care of patients, because they know Health is only Wealth.